Pet Pampering
With Love

Dog grooming is not only about styling hair, it is also about keeping your pet healthy, clean, relaxed while it enjoys getting a pawcure🐾 and a head massage. 
Treat your pet to a professional grooming session. Because it’s worth it!

"Tania did a great job grooming my two dogs, it was the first time that they were groomed and it was a great experience for them. Tania was great with the dogs and also showed my children how to look after their dogs with regular grooming."

About Jolie Paws

Jolie Paws was inspired by Trigger: a challenging one-eye rescue dog that no one wanted to groom due to its behaviour. 

Hi, I am Tania a fully qualified professional groomer with years of experience, specialised in scissoring and styling. I am passionate for animal rights and a proud member of The Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association (IPDGA) and… Trigger’s mum. 

I promise to look after your pet(s) as if they were my own.

Why Customers Like us

This is what our customers say they like about us

Passion - Customers love our passion for style, education and animal welfare.

Chip reading - We check our pets client's microchips encouraging animal protection.

Patience - Many of our clients are first time owners that may feel anxious with this new experience, we are happy to show how it is done and teach best grooming practices.

Knowledge - We give tips and teach how to clean ears, brush and maintain their pets coat between grooms.

Pace of mind - As the pet owner you have the chance to see every step of the grooming process.

Cats - We pamper your cat with love too!

How do we groom?

We pamper your pet with love! You can watch the grooming process and learn few tips. If this is the first time your pet is getting groomed or you are not sure what to expect. We welcome you to watch how it’s done, we are delighted to share with you some tricks to help you maintain your pet between grooms.

Whether your pet (dog or cat) needs full grooming, partial grooming, ear care, nail trims, etc. We are here for you. Contact us to book your appointment.

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